If you can sit back and simply imagine the ultimate venue for a wedding or family event… could it get any better than a Sailing Yacht? No doubt, there are a plethora of stupendous benefits to conducting a wedding event on a Sailing Yacht in the Caribbean but how about one that you may not have thought much about…

Once the vows have been exchanged and the glorious wedding festivities have been joyously concluded then you can sail off into the sunset on an island-hopping honeymoon. What could be better, right?  

Actually, there is one more thing than could and is better… making sure this wedding / honeymoon combination is on the right yacht and especially one that is also a Floating and Cruising Massage Spa as well. That where Virgin Islands Wedding Yacht come in… found at: www.VirginIslandsWeddingYacht.com, it’s considered by many in the industry as the Ultimate Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Abroad Sailing Yacht.

Moored or anchored in famous Secret Harbour on the eastend of St Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands, they know how to truly pamper you the way you deserve.

Zunzun is the Ultimate Venue for a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Combined

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