Imagine the scene…. You’re chilling out in the water with friends and family members on this stunning, white-sugar-sand beach in the US Virgin Islands. Peering out at the crystal-clear blue waters of the harbor, you catch a huge, striking catamaran sailboat approach and drop their anchor.

You notice immediately, that this beautiful vessel is not your common vessel because she has a substantial image of a pretty hummingbird on the side close to the bow and a noticeable swish stripe across the whole side of the shiny yacht. Very obvious on the side of the sailboat you see her name: Zunzun.

You then notice the crew onboard the cruiser moving around on the vast decks and doing some arrangement and setting up what seems to be equipment of some kind… could it really be? Yes indeed, it IS in fact… they have set-up a full-sized massage table on the front-deck of the watercraft. “Wow”, you say to your nearby companions, green with envy, “some very lucky person is just about to enjoy a wonderful massage aboard that yacht out there.”

That’s when you see something else that fills your heart with cheer. Something that suddenly announces to you that this is likely to turn out to be the finest vacation you have even been on. Now, you feel totally relaxed and exhilarated.

You then watch as one of the crew members drop an attached sign acorss the side of the stylish yacht that reads: ‘Floating Spa’ with a website and phone number!

Your happiness is now hardly contained as you go straightaway to the beach where you drop your drink onto the beach chair, grab your cellular phone and call to make an appointment for your own massage aboard this incredible Yacht Spa.

After speaking with a very amendable crew member and securing the appointment you look out to sea as another well-dressed crew member climbs boards a nicely-appointed dingy boat and make her way to shore to pick you up for your boy-work.

Initially you notice that when you’re picked up in the tender there is true warmth and caring from the pick-up staff member. You and four other people are driven to the stylish sailing yacht, where you’re offered beverages and munchies while awaiting your message.

The Spa menu is wide-ranging and exactly what you would expect from a world-class resort spa and now you are feeling goosebumps from your excitement.

During your message you also experience the Caribbean Sea motioning gently and softly rocking the boat, you are hearing the minor waves amuse the boat’s hull and smell the aroma of flower nectar. All is wonderful with your world and of course you’re feeling so deserving!

The Spa massage is exactly what you needed, everything you could ask for… your message therapist predicted your every need, relaxed you with just the right stokes and delivered you stupendous feelings mind, body and soul.

Now you are addicted and hooked – on the world’s first full-time Floating Spa located in the United States Virgin Islands. Welcome to Zunzun Caribbean Sailing Yacht & Spa!

ZunZun Sailing Adventures Catamaran Spa Cockpit Dining

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